Site Construction History

Like all Internet sites, mine is continually being revised. This page describes how the site has evolved over time:

21 October 2006
  • Revised the look of the site, including more use of cascading style sheets.
  • Added the section on our new home, a few photos of our wedding, and some of our honeymoon.
  • Still haven't updated my resume, though.
  • Modified various e-mail addresses to use the e-mail address.
11 April 2003
  • Added the Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam page.
  • Established website on Telstra's Bigpond servers.
  • Modified various e-mail addresses to use domain.
19 November 2001
  • Updated my resume (both web page and Word versions) after changing projects.
  • Minor cleanup of cascading style sheet.
5 September 2001
  • Updated the resume page after completing another Microsoft Certification exam, and achieving Microsoft Certified Solution Developer accreditation.
18 August 2001
  • Updated the resume page after completing another Microsoft Certification exam.
2 May 2001
  • Added a Microsoft Word version of my resume, downloadable from the professional details page.
27 April 2001
  • Minor fixes to improve the site's appearance under Netscape Navigator.
  • Updated pages to remove a few minor irritations.
5 April 2001
  • Updated the sidebar in an attempt to improve the site's appearance. More extensive use of cascading style sheets.
  • Updated the PGP page with latest 3072-bit public key.
  • Updated my resume after completing two Microsoft certification exams.
29 November 2000
  • Updated the travel and USA pages to include photographs from the United States of America.
  • Updated the resume, just for something completely different.
12 November 2000
  • Added the USA travel page, with copies of the e-mails I sent while travelling. No photos yet.
14 September 2000
  • Reworked the look of the site, simplifying the sidebar menu and altering some colours.
  • Added Links page
  • Updated the resume, yet again.
4 January 2000
  • Fixed stale links to Thailand web sites.
29 December 1999
  • Updated professional resume (as usual).
  • Redesigned sidebar menu, and applied new colour scheme for a more attractive appearance.
15 November 1998
  • Updated professional resume.
  • Removed some boring pages pending further enhancements.
  • Reformatted thumbnails and photographs.
  • Removed background image pending redesign of sidebar menu.
2 May 1998
  • Minor revisions to several pages.
  • Reworked sidebar menu to use standard 256-colour palette.
26 April 1998
  • Updated professional resume (again).
  • Redesigned the site, including a much better-looking sidebar menu.
  • Added travel pages, plus a heap of photographs.
27 January 1997
  • Revised entire site. Maybe this one will make it to the Internet.
  • Brought my professional resume up-to-date.
2 February 1996
  • Added my resume, on the grounds that this was as good a place for it as any.
18 December 1995
  • Established free Geocities home page. No content yet.