Our wedding

Peggy and I were married on 23 April, 2005.

Before the wedding

The Boys before the wedding Graham, myself, and Kris.

All dressed up before going to the church.

The ceremony

I don't have any photos!

Sorry, but I was too busy being in the ceremony to take any photographs of it. I do have some photos from our photographer and from various friends, but I haven't yet scanned the the prints. It's on my to-do list! 


We travelled to Thailand for our honeymoon, and flew directly to Koh Samui.

Baan Samui Resort We stayed at the Baan Samui resort. It was slightly more up-market than other places I've stayed on Samui.

This is the view from our balcony.

Baan Samui swimming pool We spent most of our time lying around the hotel's pool.
...like this.
Koh Samui beach ...or strolling along the beach.
Dining on Chaweng Beach At night the bars and restaurant set up tables on the sand. It's wonderful to eat with the warn breeze blowing from the ocean, and the moon and stars overhead. 

From Samui we travelled to Bangkok, where we spent a couple of days around Khoa San Road.

Koh Sahn Road ...which had not changed much since I was last there, but it was fun to explore with Peggy.

Finally, we had a few days at the Montien Riverside hotel. We thought we deserved a little luxury for the end of our honeymoom.

The Montien House Lobby The Montien Riverside Hotel is truly magnificent inside. And this is just the lobby!
Peggy and I, in the Montien House Of course, we had to indulge our favourite pastime of taking pictures of ourselves.
Phat Phong Road The Montien Riverside Hotel runs a regular bus service to their sister hotel, which happens to be at the end of Phatphong Road.

We visited only the night market there.

Dining at the Montien House On the last night of our honeymoon we treated ourselves to a night out in one of the Hotel's restaurants.