Peggy and I bought our home in October 2005, and moved in to it one week before Christmas. Spending our first Christmas together in our new home was an unexpected bonus.

Selling my flat

I had lived in my unit in Hawthorn for  just over 12 years, and I was very comfortable there. It's in a great area, and very close to all of the amenities of both Hawthorn and Camberwell. Peggy lived with me after we were married, but it was a bit of a squeeze for the two of us. It was definitely time to move on.

Myself, after selling my flat.

Fortunately, the buyer offered the price I wanted and was willing to settle early. We were able to move in to our new home in time for  Christmas.

Moving Day

Everyone hates moving house. Now I know why...
It's exhausting!
But it was worth it when we started to unpack at our new address.

New house

Our house is in the Melbourne suburb of Ashburton, about 15 km from the centre of the city. It's one of Melbourne's older suburbs, with many beautiful but older-style houses in leafy green streets. Considering it's so close to the city it's also very quiet.

Our house from the front
Our front yard, from just outside the fence.

The fence encloses the entire front yard, which makes the house very private.

The front of the house, seen from the side.
The front corner of the house, showing our patio. We cleaned up the weeds a bit, and have some big plans for a deck here.
Looking down the side of the house, toward the garage at the rear.
The side of the house looking towards the front.
The rear of the house.
The rear of the garage, with our washing line (never had one before) and the door to the bloke's toilet at the rear of the garage.

New home

Our garden!

Neither Peggy nor I have ever had a garden before, so we have had to learn something about gardening to keep it all alive through summer.

We have managed to produce some great flowers, though.

More by good luck than anything, I must admit.

Our kitchen.

It was lucky that my refrigerator fitted the space in the wall.

Our meals area.

This is a great place to sit and contemplate the garden.